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A must read!

I devoured this book in a weekend. Christiana's story of personal struggles coupled with her dating stories portrayed in a raw and humorous way was unlike anything I've ever read. You really feel like you are part of the journey with her and can't help but root for her quest to find "the one" while she is also learning to find acceptance within herself. I LOVED this book.

Not just another dating book

If you pick up this book thinking you’re going to get a humorous look at dating in the 21st century, you would only be partially correct. Yes, each of its 20+ chapters is chock-full of sometimes humorous, sometimes sad, and often cringeworthy dating scenarios (which all really happened!), accompanied by Ms. Cioffi’s hilarious and insightful commentary. That in and of itself would make for an entertaining and worthwhile read. But through each story, Ms. Cioffi weaves in her own search for meaning and happiness with refreshing candidness and vulnerability. What you really get when you read this book is a modern account of the life-long journey we’re all on. Ms. Cioffi is an expert storyteller and brutally honest in her analysis. That’s why I 100% UNAPOLOGETICALLY recommend this book!

Witty, relatable, honest

This book is the perfect combination of life lessons and comedy. Christie's book hits every single-girl experience there is, but told in a funny, relatable way. Her story ends with the best lesson of all: be comfortable and confident with yourself; don't settle. I wish I would've had this book when I was younger! 10/10, a must read.

Any woman... can relate

A truly entertaining and relatable book. Christie has a hilarious way with words that perfectly grasps how rough it is out there -but she also offers hope and inspiration and wonderful insight into navigating this life on your own terms.

Very engaging stories - I loved it!

This is a funny, insightful, and courageous journey to find a soulmate... I couldn't put it down once I started reading it. Every chapter kept getting better. Can't wait for the sequel!

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