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An Unapologetic Spinster:

True Modern Dating Stories

By Christiana Cioffi

About An Unapologetic Spinster

Soon after turning 34, my ten year relationship came to a long and overdue end. There I was, back on the dating scene. A scene, I soon learned, that had drastically changed over the past decade. 


Gone were the times of meeting people in real life. Enter dating apps and a plethora of mid-life crisis dating candidates. Throw in my quickly approaching 40th birthday, a shriveling up uterus, a cancer diagnosis, and general life struggles... 


An Unapologetic Spinster is a selection of true dating stories from today's modern world. The good, the bad, the real. But, woven through the vignettes that are uniquely mine is a broader story that we all share - one of strength and love.

The love we all so desperately seek is already within us.

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Book Reviews

Never have we read a book about dating that is so real, fascinating, witty, and inspiring all at the same time. But, then again, we’ve been married since the age of dinosaurs and never read a book about dating before.

Regardless, we couldn’t have enjoyed our daughter’s talented storytelling more… unless perhaps she had omitted a few of those dating details a parent doesn’t want to know. A must read for anyone with a pulse!


The Proud Parents

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